How to create and edit property details

Adding properties to is simple and fast.

Add a property

  1. Click new property to begin. Enter a reference number of up to fifteen characters that you use to identify the property.
  2. Enter the town closest to the property and, if the town does not accurately describe the location of the property, you can add a village location too.
  3. Select the closest property type.
  4. Enter the price in euros in whole numbers with no punctuation. i.e. 250000 not 250.000 or 250,000.00
  5. When you select ‘Long Term Let’, enter the price per month
  6. For seasonal pricing, enter the lowest rate and detail any seasonal pricing in the property description.
  7. Submit the property details to add a description and photos to the property.
  8. Remember, properties without photos and without a valid price will not be visible on

Describe a property

There are two ways to create a description for a property. You can enter a text description or you can select property features from a list of check boxes to automatically generate a property description in several languages

Use the check boxes to generate a bullet-point description in every language supported by You can also create a full text description in some or all of the languages – this will always be displayed instead of the bullet-point description.

Upload photos

You can upload up to 20 photos per property. Photos get resized automatically so it doesn’t matter what size the original photo is. However its format must be either a jpeg (.jpg, .jpeg file extension) or a gif (.gif file extension) or a bitmap (.bmp file extension) or a portable network graphic (.png file extension).

The maximum file size we accept is 20Mbytes and we suggest a using an original image of at least 1280 x 960 pixels in size.

To upload an image, click the ‘Upload Image’ button to locate an image on your computer. You don’t have to wait for a photo to upload completely before selecting another one, but you must keep the  Images page open until all photos have completed processing.

Delete a property

You can delete a property that you no longer want listed on Kyero by selecting ‘delete’ on the left-hand-side of the property page. This action is irreversible and we cannot recover a deleted property for you. If you are unsure and simply want to remove the property from public view, put the property ‘on hold’.

Properties on hold

You can place a property on hold to prevent it from being displayed on and to remove it from your data feed. The system may also place a property on hold automatically if you have too many properties in your account or if the property details are outside  normal parameters.

Incomplete properties

An incomplete property will not be displayed on because it is missing some essential information. All of the mandatory information on the property details page must be completed and the property must have a description in at least one language and at least one photo.

View property enquiries

Click the  Enquiries tab to view all the enquiries you have received. By default, enquiries are displayed for all of your current properties. By selecting Deleted in the enquiry search, you can display enquiries for properties which are no longer live in your account.