How to make an enquiry

What happens when I make an enquiry and how do I check my enquiries

  • Search properties by location, price, property type, bedrooms,  bathrooms and 'More Filters'.
  • When you find your dream property 'See details'
  • On the enquiry screen, you can click the boxes to Schedule a remote viewing (this option is not available on all properties), Schedule viewing, The location, More photos or press 'A different question' and enter your questions.  At the bottom, you will find the agents property reference number.

  • The enquiry is sent to the advertising estate agent. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Kyero, to show your enquiry has been sent to the advertising estate agent.   This will include the agents name and your questions for the agent.
  • The agent will reply  to your email.  Please check your spam folder if you don't receive a reply.
  • To see your enquiries, sign into your free account, press 'Enquiries' top right.

  • On the enquiry page:  on the left you will find the name of the agent/s.
    Center:  all enquiries sent to this agent, the email address of the agent, the questions you asked the agent, the property and the agents reference number for the property.
  • Right: the properties you have sent enquiries for, with this agent.
  • If you press on the photograph it will take you to the property enquiry page, if you scroll down to 'Property featured by' and press on the agents logo, you will be taken to the advertising estate agents details and complete list of their properties.