How to select your Prime Listings

All your questions answered about what are Prime Listings and how to set them up on

What are Prime Listings?

Prime Listings are properties that have extra visibility on
They are displayed with your logo in the upper right corner and a special frame to make them more visible.
Prime Listings ALWAYS appear ABOVE Free Listings.

Where can I select my Prime Listings?

Prime Listings have to be selected in your Kyero control panel or your XML feed (if you use it).


How can I select my Prime Listings?


 You can select your Prime listing either via your Kyero control panel or your XML feed, if you use one to import your properties to Kyero.
  • selecting Prime Listings via Kyero control panel
You can select Prime properties manually or the Kyero system can select them automatically.
First, log in to your Kyero control panel here:
next go to the Account tab and option Prime Properties where you can choose between automatic or manual selection of your Prime Listings. 

By default, the Kyero system will automatically select your Prime properties, updating the selection every two hours. The process takes into account your latest, most popular properties, per town, and tries to make a selection of properties which will attract the most visitors.

If you prefer to manage Prime properties manually, you can select the Prime checkbox when viewing your list of properties. Alternatively, when editing a property, it can be marked as Prime using the options on the left-hand side menu.
  • selecting Prime Listings via XML feed

If you use an XML feed to import your properties to Kyero, you can already mark your Prime Listings there by adding a tag <prime> </prime> when defining a property.

The tag can have a value 1 (for Prime listings) or 0 (for free listings).

Is it possible to send Prime Listings automatically via an XML feed?

Yes, using the tag <prime> </prime>.

Where can I see how many Prime Listings I have?

You can check that information in your Kyero control panel in the tab Properties under Prime Properties section.

What does it mean that my Prime Listings are not allocated?

When you decide to select your Prime Listings from your Kyero control panel manually, you have to bear in mind that when a certain Prime property is deleted from your account, you get an empty Prime Property slot and you have to mark some other live property as Prime to fill it in.
 Other possibility is that there is no Prime tag in your XML feed and you selected the manual option in your Kyero control panel, however without picking up Prime properties.

How often automatic selection of Prime Listings is being updated?

Kyero system automatically updates selection every 2 hours.