How do I whitelist Kyero emails?

We check that our emails are received successfully, but given the wide use of spam filters and junk email blockers, we recommend adding to the safe sender list of your email client.

Some email clients do not permit adding an entire domain, for these programs you can add our individual emails to your contact or safe recipient list.

We suggest you add to your contact list as this is the email address we use to send all your enquiry emails.

We also email from and - you might want to add these to your contact list too. is the address used to send any information related to your billing. By adding this address to your contact list you will help to ensure these emails are delivered directly to your inbox.

We also recommend that you check your dashboard regularly - all enquiries we send to you can be found on the Enquiries tab.

Instructions for adding to your safe sender list for the most typical email clients are as follows:


  • Open any email you received from us
  • Click on the Junk button on the top left of the window
  • Select Never Block Senders Domain

Or follow these steps to add us to your contacts list

  • Open an email from us
  • Right-click our email address
  • Click Add to Outlook contacts in the short-cut menu
  • Click save and close


  • Open an email from us
  • Left-click the sender icon, or right-click our name
  • Click add to contacts
  • Click save and close


  • Click the cog icon on the top right of the window, select More mail settings from the drop downmenu
  • Choose Safe and blocked senders and then Safe senders from the following page
  • Type in the text box and click Add to list

Or Follow These Steps to add us to your contacts list

  • Open an email from us
  • Next to our email address in the heading of the email, select Add to contacts


  • Open an email from us
  • Click on the down-ward pointing arrow to the right of reply
  • Click Add Kyero to Contacts list


  • Open an email from us
  • Click the add to address book to the right, next to our name
  • Verify our contact details
  • Click Add to Address Book