Which Property Management Systems are compatible with Kyero?

If you are already using some program to manage your properties, you can automatically publish them in Kyero. Find property management systems already compatible with Kyero.com and save time by updating Kyero.com automatically from your own system.

If you are uploading property details using more than one system, you can probably save a lot of time by automatically taking property information from your existing system (exporting) and sending it to Kyero.com (importing).

To make this as simple as possible, we have already solved half of the problem: how to get your property data INTO the Kyero system - it's called an import specification

Your programmer will need this document to be able to build an EXPORT from your system that can be used to IMPORT to Kyero.com.

If you wish to update Kyero.com automatically from another system, please remember:

  • ALWAYS use your property management system to manage your property details, NOT your Kyero account.
  • This is because your properties are automatically updated from your property management system every day. This REPLACES the information contained within the Kyero system.
  • If you change your properties using your Kyero account, these may be lost when the next automatic update is processed.
  • As you manage your properties on your own system, any changes will be made live on the Kyero system the following morning.

Kyero integrations

Perhaps you don't need to start from scratch? There's a growing number of systems which can already send property information to Kyero.com.

Please consult the current list here.

Should your system be listed here? Please  open a support ticket to let us know.