What are the advantages of Prime?

Prime is loved by 1000s of real estate agents just like you - here's why...

Prime Listings

Highlight & enhance some or all of your properties on Kyero.com by purchasing a Prime Pack. Prime Listings ALWAYS appear ABOVE Free Listings. They also include your logo on the search results pages and a coloured price banner. The size of the ad is larger than a Free listing as are the images. Prime listings can also be enhanced with videos, virtual tours, floor plans & remote viewing possibilities & features. These are not available on Free listings.

Unlimited Free Listings

Advertise unlimited Free Listings on Kyero.com at no fee. Free Listings appear below any Prime Listings and are considered a very basic listing option.

Automatic Translation

Property details and descriptions are displayed in multiple languages on Kyero.com at no extra fee. Property features can be automatically translated into all languages - number of beds, baths, price, etc.

Property descriptions can be translated in two different ways:

  • Add your own descriptions in each language separately in each language section of the listing.
  • Make check box selections for an extended range of features which will be added from pre-translated phrases in each language.

Note: An individual listing can use any mix of these two methods of description translation.

Bulk Download

If you have a Prime account, you can export your properties from Kyero.com using an XML feed displayed on your Kyero dashboard. Find out more in the XML Export Specification. 

Standard Bulk Upload

If you are entering property details in more than one system, you can probably save a lot of time by automatically taking property information from your existing system (exporting) and sending it to Kyero (importing). You can request our feed specifications for your programmer or a list of compatible CRM systems by replying to this email. See more information here. Prime accounts will receive a daily update where Free accounts will be weekly.

Custom Bulk Upload

If you wish to use an XML feed for the import of your properties but the feed does not meet our specifications, our technical team can offer assistance for the transformation/modification of the feed.

Email alerts

Only new Prime listings are automatically emailed to our buyers.

Extra media visibility

Only Prime listings are eligible for our social media, newsletter & PR advertising.

Enhanced analytics

All Kyero.com agents can log in to their agent dashboard where a wealth of useful & informative information can be found. Prime agents get access to more detailed market & performance analyses.

Priority Support

If you would like to send us a support ticket for any questions you have or for any assistance needed, we offer priority assistance to our Prime advertisers. Our specialist team are always looking for great Prime properties to feature in all of these areas.