Can I pause my advertising?

Can I pause?

Yes, with Kyero you can pause your advertising.

What is the pause facility?

The pausing facility places your prime advertising on hold while you are out of office for a period of time and unable to reply to enquiries.

What is the difference between pausing and cancelling?

Pausing stops your Kyero Prime advertising for a short period of time while cancelling ends your Prime advertising completely. When cancelling, all of your Prime properties revert to free listings and become less visible, appearing at the end of all Prime search results. When pausing the Prime Listings shift to Free Listing and will resume advertising on a set date which you choose.

How can I request a pause?

To pause your advertising please email and let us know the period you wish to pause for.

Once your account has been Paused your Prime Listings will change to Free Listings with reduced visibility and no longer benefit from The Kyero Prime Advantage, the listings are still advertised on in the Additional properties section.

Please advise us if you would like all listings to be removed from during the Pause period.